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support during healthcare transitions.

We take difficult situations and simplify them.

We give a voice to those who feel like

the system is not listening.

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Your Private Patient Advocate, Care Manager, & Health Navigator


Healthcare is ever changing and getting more and more complex every year. Navigating the Healthcare system can be challenging, to say the least.  I will hold your hand every step of the way and guide you. 


You can't be expected to know what you don't know when it comes to questions to ask while in the doctor's office or while in the hospital. I am your eyes and ears and voice, always at your side.

  • Crisis intervention- in the hospital where you are most vulnerable

  • New diagnosis - choices and education of treatment options available

  • Companion at Doctors visits

  • Ongoing care management through assessment, planning, and monitoring of services utilizing the state of the art technology

  • Liaison between doctors, caregivers, and family

  • In home evaluations and well visits

  • Assist with set up of home services,  and coordination of care services 

  • Assistance with Advanced directives

  • Medication review, set up, and management

  • Health History Compilation

  • Guardianship, Fiduciary, Agent, or HCPOA 

  • And many other services  

I'm wherever and whenever you need me, at your request!


"Carol, Your help is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Joyce to any family who finds themselves in a similar circumstance. I wish I could of brought her on board earlier. It was night and day after she took over. It is unfortunate that we have to learn all these lessons the hard way. Our society seems not to want to think about end of life, yet it is so much a part of it. God Bless you"

Patrick P  Crystal Lake, IL 


"Joyce helped me after I got signed up for a Medicaid program I wasn't aware I was signing up for. I thought I didn't have insurance so I was paying everything on my own with credit cards. I lost my grant for my medicine, but Joyce got that back and $3500.00 I had paid on my own. She found me a doctor in network, went with to my first appointment, and helped get my medicine back on track. Now I don't have any co-pays and I have money back to pay off those cards I used to get treatment" 


Linda W West Chicago 

"Joyce took real good care of me after I got hit and needed ankle surgery. I got MRSA and she made sure they treated me with the right medicine and helped with my 3rd party insurance claim. I also avoided surgery for my prostate because one doctor wanted to operate, but Joyce found me a better doctor who looked at the whole picture and I didn't need surgery or even to stay on the medicine the first doc had put me on. It was a separate issue caused by anesthesia and not me after all."


John K West Dundee


Thanks for the thorough update.
I just want to note explicitly how much I appreciate your work with my father.  You've been a tremendous help all through this process and it's a great relief to me to know that we have someone as capable as yourself assisting with his care.



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