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At Your Request Patient Advocate, LLC

The leading provider of Patient Advocacy.



I have a lifetime of diverse healthcare experience, culminating in receiving my Associate's degree in nursing in 1994, BSN in 2012 and proudly receiving my Certificate for Patient Advocacy from Cleveland State University in 2015. I am a National Certified Guardian as of October 2016. Most recently, I became a Board Certified Patient Advocate in March 2018, with the first group to sit for this new Certification, and a newly recognized Certified Senior Advisor CSA ® as of July 2018. 


My 27 years of registered nursing experience includes working with developmentally disabled children, mentally challenged adults, and in various hospital settings with one hospital system for 18 years. 


I have worked in geriatrics, telemetry, medical-surgical, home health, hospice,  stem cell transplant, and intensive care areas. I have worked in many capacities from floor nursing to administration. I am proud to have worked with a group of talented associates who pioneered and developed the shared governance program at a dual health system in McHenry, as well as serving as Chair of the Practice Council for 2 years in the same setting, which subsequently led them to receive their coveted Magnet certification years later, which I received a letter of Nursing recognition for.


My passion is protection of patient rights, and making sure everyone is treated fairly and truthfully while being well informed in any decision they need to make regarding their healthcare choices. I consider patient advocacy a calling and my passion, as I have always placed my patients first and foremost in any position I have held. 


 I am also well versed in Medicare guidelines and  "conditions of participation", and have negotiated with many insurance companies to get clients the benefits they deserve, that they may have initially been turned down for. I want to share my experience with you.  I am an Illinois Notary and a registered National Certified Guardian.


I also offer educational seminars at a community level on Prevention of Readmissions, Know Your Status, Hospital Safety, Senior Orphans and more.


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Joyce Schulz-Killian, RN,BSN,NCG,BCPA,CSA

National Certified Guardian

Board Certified Patient Advocate

Certified Senior Advisor

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